Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been going here for a while now! Great environment and friendly staff! I feel a ton better and appreciate everything the Docs do !!"

- Rex C.

"I would recommend complete chiropractic life center to everyone they have taken such good care of me I first went in with major back pain that would not go away and after just 3 weeks of adjustments the back pain was gone, now I'm free to play with my kids and live a normal life. I cant thank them enough for what they have done for me and will continue to do for me."

- Brandon H.

"I highly recommend Chiropractic Life Center it has saved my life adjusting my spine so that way I have been going there almost a year and testimony is that I'm not in physical pain as bad as I was."

- Kim S.

"Very caring people...make sure you feel better and get what you need"

- Jackie D.

"Complete Chiropractic is very encouraging and educational. Treatment is quality!"

- Amy P.

"I suffered with digestive and other health issues for a long time. My main concern was the heavy feeling in my throat that would cause me to start coughing and burping when I tried to sleep. I would feel the heaviness in my throat during the day and felt my voice was somehow compromised. Not willing to use prescription drugs because of all the side effects, I started researching on how to address my health problems using natural means. Deciphering all the web sites proved to be a daunting task. I needed support to navigate all the products that promised relief.

When Dr. Dale announced that a Functional Medicine Provider was joining the team at Complete Chiropractic Life Center that appeared to be an answer to my prayers. After consulting with Dr. Aric, I decided that I would try the METABOLIC Clearing Program and followed the recommended steps to rid my body of toxins and relieve the inflammation of my organs. With the 21-day dosage strategy all laid out in the guide, I was able to successfully stay on the schedule with the supplements and on the parameters of the suggested diet.

I feel and sleep better with no fits of coughing and burping at night and during the day. I have more of an incentive to eat healthy and feel better. I am willing to take more steps to become healthier yet. This regiment has another perk. I lost a total of 8 pounds.

I was skeptical about the program, because I have never had any luck or good results in the past. So I tried it and I started to see small results. I kept to it and kept seeing more and more results. I am so glad I found this program and stuck to it. I feel amazing and I look good. This program made a huge difference in my health. I recommend it to everyone. Thanks Dr. Aric!"

- Marilyn

"It has been an adventure to be on the Metabolic Clearing Program. My husband is a cook so he turned the shakes into fabulous smoothies. Who knew that turkey bacon and turkey burgers could be so delicious. Since starting the program, I’ve not had any problems with GERD or abdominal pain and was not hungry at all. It was great to lose some weight, too. We have a lot less inflammation now and look forward to a healthier future."

- Anonymous

"After several specialist's appointments and testing it was determined my medical concerns stemmed from a large amount of inflammation in my body.None of the physicians I had seen could give me a true resolution. After a full exam/discussion with Dr. Aric at Living Well, I began a treatment regimen of supplements including a probiotic. After two weeks a large cyst I had on my foot for the past two years due to the inflammation was completely gone. I feel better than I have in years.I continued to meet with Dr. Aric and repeated the scan to follow-up on the inflammation in my system. The first scan I had showed an extreme amount of inflammation. The second scan completed after the regimen of supplements showed over an 80% decrease in the inflammation. I am so thankful I found the cure to my inflammation issues.

I am now on a healthy regimen of supplements, eating habits, and chiropractic care that will benefit me now and long term."

- Anonymous


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